My name is Lucas Bennett, and I am a top 1% SAT scorer and student at the University of Florida.

At the end of my SAT journey, I was able to increase my SAT score over 500 points, and I have been teaching others to do the same since.

My Story

Back in high school, I was an above average student, but nothing outstanding. I had aspirations to get accepted into some big schools, but my GPA was in the bottom quartile for every single one, and I was outside the top 10% of my class which I knew wouldn’t be working in my favor. I knew that my last chance to get into one of my dream schools was to do exceptionally well on the SAT. However, I had received a triple digit score on my PSAT, and I was taking algebra 2 as a junior.


I became obsessed with the SAT for nearly half a year and managed to bring my 970 PSAT score up to a 1510. Along the way, I learned what all the best (and worst) materials are, all of the different ways CollegeBoard tries to throw you off, and how ANY STUDENT can achieve a 1500 or higher. This is what I teach in the PrepWiz program.


After I finished my SAT journey, I decided I wanted to help my friends. One thing led to another and eventually everyone’s parents wanted me to work with them, so I started tutoring in person before I even graduated. Now, I made the transfer to strictly tutoring online so I can reach as many people as possible and continue to spread my expertise. I found it astonishing how other tutors just sat down with their student and explained answers for an hour and then wondered why their students weren’t making significant improvements. The way my tutoring works is a bit different.


My teaching method follows the Be Do Have formula. I strengthen your thoughts (being), so that you can take the action (doing), that will enable you to achieve the score you desire (having). I will first tell you exactly how any person, regardless of their score, can get a 1500 or more on the SAT, then you will take the action to practice with the best materials every day and meet with me once a week to review a real SAT exam, and then you will achieve the score you desire.


I believe the thing that made me so successful with skyrocketing students scores was that I had to figure it all out on my own after months of trying out all the different materials and watching all the different youtube videos. Naturally gifted students who score a 1400 on their first test without studying may know how to explain it, but I know how to LEARN IT.


  • I will tell you the best materials to buy (that I don’t get any money from) based on your current scores, goal, and amount of time you have.
  • I will explain to you how to “take the test”, which you will also learn from our weekly calls.
  • I will show you the best and fastest way to learn the content (its different depending on the subject).
  • I will show you little things that will be the difference between you getting a good score or a great score, such as the exact correlation that your score increase has simply based on the number of practice questions you complete.

To truly succeed on the SAT, you must be RELENTLESS about going over your mistakes and DRILLING THEM into your head (and that’s what I’m here for).


A good tutor will teach you the right answer, but a great tutor will guide you to discover the right answer to where you truly understand and can answer the next problem on your own. With your homework, we will have you try your best to figure out any problems you have trouble with on your own, but if you cannot figure it out, we will have you mark every single one for our weekly meeting and I will help guide you to the correct answer.


Enough said, let’s get to work!