How It Works

The Process...

It begins with a free consultation where we learn about the student and plan out a system (rather than a goal) to achieve the student’s desired score.

On the consultation we will provide the best evidence-based practice materials based on the student’s needs, we will assign real SAT practice exams, and we will schedule a weekly zoom call to go over those questions.

After the consultation, we will get straight to work. The student will begin following the exact plan that was devised on the consultation.

The weekly homework we assign will teach the students pretty much everything they need to know content wise, and then we will use real SAT exams at our weekly meetings to teach the student HOW to answer the SAT questions that College Board tests you with. 

The student will see progress every week with their practice exam scores, and it will allow us to adapt each week and drill the student’s weak areas.

The amount of weekly work will vary depending on how much the score needs to increase by and how much time each student has.